John Wayne Movie Westerns Reviews – Sagebrush Trail

John Wayne Movie Western Reviews – Sagebrush Trail By my reckoning 1933 was one of the most prolific in John Wayne’s career with twelve of his films being released, Sagebrush Trail the fifth and last Western he starred in for that year. I actually started watching a colourised version of this film, which also appeared … Read more

John Wayne 1930’s Movie Westerns Review – Riders Of Destiny

Here is another review of a 1930’s western with John Wayne as a “singing” Sandy Saunders. This time it’s… Riders of Destiny (1933) Lone Star, Dir: Robert N. Bradbury, b/w, 54m Cast: John Wayne, Cecilia Parker, Forrest Taylor, George Hayes, Al St. John, Heinie Conklin There’s some good news and some bad news. The good … Read more

John Wayne Cowboy Movies of the 1930’s – The Man From Monterey

Lobby card for The Man From Monterey

Remember that line in Jaws? “That’s one bad hat, Larry”. Well, I thought Somewhere in Sonora was bad but The Man from Monterey is even worse, in fact, it’s so bad I don’t quite really know where to begin. The Man From Monterey (1933) Warner Bros, Dir: Mack V. Wright, b/w, 57m Cast: John Wayne, … Read more

1930s Western Movies Starring John Wayne – Somewhere in Sonora

John Wayne in Somewhere in Sonora

John Wayne Western Movies of the 1930s – Somewhere in Sonora As these John Wayne western movie reviews are an ongoing work-in-progress. I’m hoping at some point that someone decided Leon Schlesinger wasn’t really a good fit as a producer for these early 1930s JW cowboy vehicles. Let’s hope we get to the end of that … Read more

John Wayne Cowboy Films of the 1930’s – The Telegraph Trail

JOhn Wayne in The Telegraph Trail

Another John Wayne cowboy movie review of the 1930’s This time… The Telegraph Trail 1933 Warner Bros, Dir: Tenny Wright, b/w, 54m Cast: John Wayne, Frank McHugh, Marceline Day, Otis Harlan, Albert J. Smith, Yakima Cannutt Upon firing up this movie on my PC I was somewhat surprised to note that everyone was talking in … Read more

John Wayne Cowboy Movies of the 1930s – Haunted Gold

Poster of Haunted Gold 1932 John Wayne

In a continuing quest to find and review every cowboy western movie John Wayne ever made in the 1930s we present this little nugget from 1932. Haunted Gold: Warner Bros, Dir: Mack V. Wright, b/w, 57m Cast: John Wayne, Sheila Terry, Harry Woods, Erville Alderson, Otto Hoffman, Blue Washington Welcome to another John Wayne / … Read more