The Christmas 2019 John Wayne Quiz

Welcome to your John Wayne Xmas Quiz 2019

Steve, our question master has devised a new quiz for Christmas 2019 with a definite musical theme. JW and singing not going together?  Not to worry, there are no music clips. We will have a winner and a prize. So anyone entering will have a chance to win and we'll close the quiz on Jan 1st.

We will post the winner on Facebook and by email.
The winner this year will get one of our new personalized items, a wanted dead or alive mug on which you can add your own pic. This is available now at the Mostly Western's Store.

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On the soundtrack album to which 1960s Western does John Wayne
recite “Texas is a Woman”?

texas western map

What was the name of the actress who, to John Wayne's annoyance,
was foisted upon him twice as his co-star by Herbert Yates, the head
of Republic Studios?

Herbert Yates

What song is John Wayne introducing with the statement “Hello.
This is John Wayne. My two co-stars in “Rio Bravo”, Dean Martin
and Ricky Nelson, sing a mighty pretty tune. Thought you’d like to hear it.”

John Wayne Quiz Rio Bravo

In which 1950s John Wayne non-Western movie does he constantly
whistle the Oscar winning theme tune throughout the film?

John Wayne Quiz Xmas

In which 1960s John Wayne Western does actress Lee Meriwether,
better known for her role as the original Catwoman in the “Batman”
TV series, appear?

John Wayne Quiz Lee Meriwether

Who is the actor in “The Wings of Eagles” that provides banjo and joint
vocal accompaniment for John Wayne on the rendition of that
well-known popular song “I’m gonna move that toe”?

steve martin banjo playing

In what track from the album “America: Why I Love Her” does John Wayne
namecheck Merle Haggard and “Okie from Muskogee”?

John Wayne Quiz Merle Haggard

In which 1934 Lone Star production does John Wayne make his, thankfully,
only appearance as Singin’ Sandy Saunders?

Quiz Xmas JW Lone Star

What is the song that John Wayne and Victor McLaglen partner up on
towards the end of “The Quiet Man” when they turn up at White O’Morn
cottage somewhat the worse for wear?

John Wayne Quiz question 8 on the Quiet Man

In which 1950s film does John Wayne ill-advisedly partake in a short
dance sequence with his co-star Eiko Ando?

Picture of a John Wayne co-star, part of a JW Quiz

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