Original John Wayne Memorabilia And Collectibles

John Wayne Memorabilia and Collectibles

Owning a piece of John Wayne memorabilia, it doesn’t get much better if the item was actually used in the making of a John Wayne movie or better still that he was actually known to have handled or worn it.

cuff links from the film In Harms Way
I don’t know if John Wayne wore these in In Harm’s Way but you never know…

There are always personal things that JW may have owned and had gotten into general ownership but to me, that is moving towards intruding on the Wayne family.

Sometimes these rare items become available for admirers of John Wayne but because most of these items are unique, they can be very sought after and beyond the budgets of most of us.

There is something exciting about owning a piece of JW history knowing that he was doing what he does best using or wearing the item.

Then there is the issue of provenance – is what you may be paying a lot of money for really the hat that John Wayne wore in Rio Bravo or the navy cuff links he used in In Harm’s Way? 😀

There needs to be a convincing story and even paperwork such as a Certificate of Authenticity behind the item to prove it is what it’s meant to be.

John Wayne memorabilia at auction

John Wayne hat at auction

Here are the results of some rare John Wayne items that went under the hammer in 2016. Taking the hat example, for the one he wore in 6 of his movies, this one at auction went for a tidy $37,500.

These nuggets of history come up rarely and many people are happy to own similar but modern representations. Again, using the JW hat as an example, one can be picked up at a reasonable price and you can feel happy about actually wearing it rather than keeping it wrapped in cotton wool worried that it’ll get damaged. 

Auctions sites for John Wayne memorabilia and collectibles

For original collectibles such as comics and movie posters, you have to hunt around a bit.

But in these days of online auctions like eBay.com and live auction site facilitators like liveauctioneers.com and the-salesroom.com, it’s a lot easier to find and snag that original John Wayne movie poster you were always after.

These sites provide the platform for multiple real auction sites that may have been around for 100 years the interface for anyone from the comfort of their home to bid on lots against people in the room, telephone or commission bidders.

That means, of course, that auction bidding is more accessible to everyone and so the demand and therefore the price can soar especially for those rare items.

Most live auction sites allow you to add alerts. You define a keyword and if that appears in upcoming auctions in the title or description you will get a notification to your inbox. So adding the term ‘John Wayne’ or ‘Wild West’ will get you some relevant results. (This is all good until you add an ambiguous term which can lead to a lot of annoying notification emails.)

For these auction site platform providers, you will have to sign up and register a credit card with them. Don’t forget the auction house will charge it’s normal fee and the platform provider will too, normally between 15 – 25% and 3 – 5% respectively.

JOhn Wayne rifle

As I’m writing this a quick search for ‘John Wayne’ in the US site liveauctioneers.com produces some really interesting items like…

And part of the description…
This rifle’s use is photo documented in two very popular John Wayne motion pictures. The first, RKO Studio’s 1939 release of the motion picture “Allegheny Uprising” starring John Wayne and Claire Trevor. Set in the pre-Revolutionary War time period, ” Allegheny Uprising” illustrates the American unrest with the British, especially as it was exhibited on the fringes of the wilderness. This exact rifle was used again by John Wayne ten years later in 1949 when Republic Pictures produced the motion picture “Fighting Kentuckian” which also starred the comedic talents of Oliver Hardy. It is also said to have been used in “The Alamo”…

JOhn Wayne signature

The estimate is $5000 – $10000 starting price $2500 – wow I want it but hmmm think I’ll leave it.
If that’s a bit out of your league like it is mine what about a signed photograph of the man himself from, of course, the classic True Grit although with an estimate of $1000 – $1500 and not being a lover of signature items that too is a bit pricey.

John Wayne sculture

It’s not just old collectibles that come up. Here is rather a fine looking John Wayne sculpture, again not for me but with an estimate of $400 – $900 could be a good deal. For your information, the description reads as follows…

“This extraordinary bronze sculpture was designed and created by American artist, David Manuel born 1940. Carved in extreme detail, with a keen eye for detail with elements that extend out from the sculpture such as the resemblance of a pocket watch and chain attached to Wayne’s undercoat. “An American Legend” is inscribed along the bottom with the number 26 of 35 stamped onto the horses rear. The sculpture a has nice patina and sits atop an oak base. Condition: (Excellent). Dimensions: 33″T x 30″W.”

John Wayne movie posters, comics & ephemera

More affordable and items I prefer is this selection of John Wayne comics from a UK auction house specialising in old original comics with an estimate of £80- £120. Yep, I might have a go at that one.

JOhn Wayne and wild west comics original vintage
Some of my vintage comics

John Wayne’s movie career spanned many decades and apart from the obvious conflict of the 1940s there was a splurge of tobacco and trade card production from the 1930s to the 1960s and on.

JW gum card by Kane

With the golden age of Hollywood from the late 20s to the 1960s, there was also a huge interest and popularity in movie stars which meant tobacco companies were printing thousands upon millions of beautiful cards with lots of interesting stuff on the backs of film stars.

Also popular were cards aimed at children’s confectionery market, in particular gum. This one is from a set of 72 by makers of gum Kane.

But cards came with all sorts of products and when it was a periodical like a children’s comic then it was almost mandatory.

A series of famous film stars was a shoe-in to maintain a loyal readership.

Movie posters are another huge source of John Wayne memorabilia.

From The Big Trail in 1930, his first starring role until The Shootist in 1977 he did make a lot of films and for everyone that was made, there were many variations of posters. There were different sizes, languages, re-releases, remakes and teasers.

There are also lobby cards, window cards, inserts and so the field for movie poster collectibles is almost endless.

Original movie posters that were distributed to cinemas and other poster venues (like subways and bus stops) by the studios were never meant to be sold directly to the public.

John Wayne card posters of westerns

Modern posters are produced cheaply in large quantities and become available for purchase by collectors indirectly through various secondary markets such as eBay. Accordingly, most modern posters are not as valuable.

However, for the John Wayne era prior to 1985 (when the National  Screen Service stopped its printing and distribution), his movie posters are a finite proposition and there is a thriving collectibles market for John Wayne movie posters, especially on eBay where you’ll have a good chance of finding that movie poster gem.

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33 thoughts on “Original John Wayne Memorabilia And Collectibles”

  1. I have a first edition first print 36×30 portrait lithograph autographed with certificate of authenticity of John Wayne. How can I, or who can I sell it too? What’s it’s value at auction if you had to guess? It’s in original frame also.

    • There are a lot of auction sites that specialise in autographs. There is a hefty commission to pay but you get the “reach”.
      I’m not familiar with many US sites but natedsanders.com looks good as does rrauction. They will also appraise the value and should suggest the most suitable auction to sell at. Themed auctions are best. So the auction house (specialising in autographs and ephemera) might have a Western Movie Stars theme.
      If memory serves around $1000 – $2000 is the rough average for a JW autograph depending on context, the sentiment and provenance.
      Hope that helps and good luck.

  2. I have an address book that was a back up for John Wayne in case he lost or misplaced it was owned by his personal secretary Pat Stacy , pat and my mother knew each other for years and were best friends I know have this book and some personal photo of Pat And John in monument valley would you be interested in these items?

    • Any JW authenticated autograph has value, The better the provenance and the story behind it, the more the value.
      Routinely $1000 plus. Depends on what it says too.
      If you have good provenance see what your local auction house says about it. Try to find a specialist auction house that deal with ephemera and autographs. We have one in the UK called Chaucer Auctions.
      Good luck if you want to sell it.

  3. Hi. I have one item with John Wayne . I got gun replica 45 colt serial number 151284. I don’t know if is worth anything

    • Hi, If it’s the Franklin Mint Commemorative model, they seem to go for between $200 and $350.
      Franklin Mint John Wayne Western Commemorative Colt 45 Single Action NON FIRING Replica Pistol With Display Frame. In the early 70’s Colt presented John Wayne with a nickel plated engraved Colt 45 Peacemaker. This gun had engraved detail and 24K gold plated hammer, handle strap and trigger guard. After the Duke’s death his family consented to loan the gun to the Franklin Mint so an exact copy could be reproduced and offered to his fans as a limited edition commemorative. This commemorative, non-firing, nickel plated Colt 45 commemorative is exact in every detail. The body is nickel plated and extensively engraved with gold plating, and bears the same serial number of the real revolver, 151284. John Wayne’s signature is engraved on the grip strap. The grips have a slight stained appearance and this is to replicate Duke’s real grips that he soaked in tea to create the stained look. It is not designed to load bullets or fire them but the hammer, trigger and chamber all work. The chamber can be removed as well. First sold by Franklin Mint in February 1992 for $450 with a Certificate of Authenticity.

  4. I have a bunch of john wayne memorabilia..like ceramic stautues that i would like to get rid of…anyone want to pay a low amount for the whole group of them? Live in reno

  5. OK I have autograph of John Wayne from true grit I got in the seventies when I was like ten or eleven years old how do I find out if the signature is real

    • Hi David,
      If you don’t have provenance it’s practically impossible to prove one way or another.
      It depends if you want to be reassured it’s genuine or you want to sell it.
      Either way this article

  6. i have a bowling shirt from a member of jw bowling team. it has a star with the players name on it and says the john duke wayne embroidered on the back with a rifle and hat. i’m having allot of trouble finding a value and unfortunately i need to sell it. can you send me in the right direction please!!

  7. Ive got a stainless pitcher engraved with Fort Clark Ranch on it, that I was told was a gift to cast/crew on the movie Fort Apache. Any info would be appreciated.

  8. Hello, I have these two items that I’m trying to find out more about. Maybe you can help me or point me in the right direction.

    Black and white print limited edition portrait. Signed by the artist Beth O’Brien and numbered 24/100. Framed and matted. Measures 26.25” x 22” –

    Limited edition framed art poster by artist Jon Zarr Haber (1945-2012). Limited edition art is pencil signed and numbered 3/350. Poster Framed and matted. Measures 24” x 28” –

    Maybe I can send you pictures?

    • We’re not modern art experts Scott – I can only suggest taking the items or images of them to a specialist auction house or dealer that can make a better judgment – depending on the subject matter. Above all, you’ll probably need 2 things if you plan to sell, solid provenance and buyer(s) willing to pay the price.
      Good luck

  9. I have 9 black and white photos that were issued by Paramount Pictures to people who worked on the movie. ( True Grit) 1969. They have been in storage for 50 years and are in mint condition. Would like to sell them to someone who would appreciate them. Pics are of John Wayne..Glen Campbell and Kate Darby. Who should I contact and how valuable are they?

    • I would suggest checking with any specialist auction house. Otherwise large “stock image” sellers might be able to help like Getty Images and Alamy.
      I think it unlikely they would be worth a great deal. The nature of photos I’m afraid. Hope this helps. MW

  10. I have friend that actually owns a handgun and holster that she got from her dad, John Wayne gave it to him after the filming ended. Now his daughter has it.

  11. i have a rare John Wayne poster, I say it’s rare only because I have been unable to find another one like it. Can someone help me find out more about this poster and perhaps it’s value?

  12. If you dont get any bids on the True Grit autograph I will pay $400. I love John Wayne, and its all I can afford, and if the answer is ‘no’ I completely understand. It’s all I can afford. Thank you.

    Tom Sullivan
    Juneau. Alaska

    • Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your interest. These were just examples of JW items that were on offer when I wrote the article. Unfortunately, we don’t have them.

      • Thanks for your interest Cheryl. There has been a lot of JW memorabilia manufactured and it’s pretty much all made (in China) for a mass market. One JW clock that sticks in my mind is the cuckoo clock which is still sold on Amazon today. A lot of the stuff is made by The Bradford Exchange who I believe still have a license agreement with John Wayne Enterprises (the official JW site) although, I’m surprised.:)

        The worth would come from solid provenance that John Wayne actually owned it or there was a provable story around the item and JW. Like with the cuff links I mention in the article I have provenance that the director himself got them and used them in the movie In Harm’s Way but, obviously I can’t pin them on JW so they are worth little.
        I hope that helps. If you want to send an image of it then please do at [email protected].


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