The Movies John Wayne Died In & How – The Ultimate List

The Alamo scene John Wayne

We’re updating this particular article as yet another contender for the films in which John Wayne died has come to our attention, meaning there are now 14 movies in which poor old Duke meets his maker. These films fall into two categories: those in which we see John Wayne’s character actually die on screen, and … Read more

John Wayne Cowboy Movies of the 1930s – Haunted Gold

Poster of Haunted Gold 1932 John Wayne

In a continuing quest to find and review every cowboy western movie John Wayne ever made in the 1930s we present this little nugget from 1932. Haunted Gold: Warner Bros, Dir: Mack V. Wright, b/w, 57m Cast: John Wayne, Sheila Terry, Harry Woods, Erville Alderson, Otto Hoffman, Blue Washington Welcome to another John Wayne / … Read more

John Wayne’s Memorable Movie Magic Moments

John Wayne in The Searchers

John Wayne’s Memorable Movie ‘Magic Moments’ Back in the days before DVDs and YouTube I used to try to capture on VHS tape from the TV what I considered to be those ‘magic moments’ in a John Wayne movie when Duke gets to express himself either with a memorable speech, or a silent gesture, a … Read more