John Wayne – Why They All Love Him

Linda Cristal

We are well aware of some of the many famous movie quotes of John Wayne, but we thought it was about time to compile a list of quotes from some of the actors, directors and notably JW’s leading ladies who either worked with and/or admired the great man. I’ve just spent the last month or … Read more

John Wayne’s Movie Verbal Magic Moments

Scene from She Wore a Yellow Ribbon with John Wayne

John Wayne’s Movie Verbal Magic Moments Having delved into the JW film catalog and selected some of my favourite non-verbal ‘magic moments’ in John Wayne’s movies, I thought I’d list a few of the memorable verbal moments as well. A pivotal moment in this Ford / Wayne classic in which JW proves to the many … Read more

Top 20 John Wayne Movie Quotes

The Alamo scene John Wayne

I’m sure we’ve all got our own favorite lines from John Wayne movies, and hopefully, I’ve included a few of them in this list of 20 John Wayne’s movie quotes. For an appreciation of John Wayne quotes this time, not from the movies but said in his own words about actors, directors, etc. there is … Read more