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In which late silent John Ford film did Wayne play two roles, a hanged prisoner and an over-exuberant horse-race spectator?

Hangmans House with a living John Wayne

What early 1950s Wayne movie was given a foreign release under the title "Marijuana - Le Droga Infernale"?

John Wayne foreign movie poster Big Jim McLain

Who was slated to play Capt. Tom Wilder in "Blood Alley" before John Wayne eventually took over the role?"

Which JW non-Western is 'loosely based' upon the Shakespeare play, "The Taming of the Shrew"?

John Wayne's character in "Hellfighters", Chance Buckman, was based upon which real-life person?

Hellfighters lobby card with John Wayne

John Wayne played what recurring character in "The Three Mesquiteers" series of films back in the 1930s?
Three Texas Steers movie with John Wayne poster

In which John Wayne film did Joan O'Brien play the mother of Aissa Wayne after they also played mother and daughter in "The Alamo"?

Filming The Alamo

What was the name of Duke's "Chisum" co-star who wrote the lyrics to Duke's Grammy nominated album, "America: Why I Love Her"?

Chisum John Wayne poster

Who was the famous Hollywood stunt-man who both doubled for John Wayne and also co-starred with him in a lot of the Lone Star produced Westerns of the 1930s?

The Man From Utah poster

Taking into account the spirit and meaning of Easter, in what other film besides "The Comancheros" did Ina Balin, Michael Ansara and Nehemiah Persoff appear in the cast along with Wayne?

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