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Steve Mayhew is a scriptwriter and published novelist and provides much of the content you see on the website. He is a dedicated aficionado and a longtime fan of John Wayne, John Ford and Western films in general.

You may want to check out his novel, Connemara Days, which intertwines the story of a fictional family living in the village of Cong, Ireland, in 1951 when John Ford and his cast and crew descended upon the village to film The Quiet Man.

He is hopeful that one day in the future the story will make its way on to the big screen, and when that day comes, regular readers of our website will be the first to hear about it.

Steve is a film scholar, gaining both an MA in film studies and a Ph.D. for his thesis on the silent films of John Ford at Richmond University.

During his research on the subject, he met Harry Carey Jr., a veteran member of the John Ford stock acting company, whom he interviewed for his thesis.

Since taking up writing as a vocation Steve has also made the acquaintance of veteran Hollywood director Andrew V. McLaglen, son of Victor, and the celebrated film writer and scholar Joseph McBride, author of the biography Searching for John Ford.

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