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John Wayne Western Movies of the 1930s – The Wilderness Years

Ride Him Cowboy with Duke the Horse & John Wayne

John Wayne Western Movies of The 1930s – The Wilderness Years (Part 1) Having checked out all of the full-length feature films that John Wayne appeared in from Stagecoach to The Shootist, I thought I’d take a look at JWs wilderness years, before he became a fully fledged star in John Ford’s 1939 classic Western.There’s […]

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Top 20 John Wayne Movie Quotes

Top 20 John Wayne Movie Quotes I’m sure we’ve all got our own favourite lines from John Wayne films, and hopefully I’ve included a few of them in this list of John Wayne’s top 20 movie quotes.Having watched so many of Duke’s films over the last couple of years I made a note of some […]

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10 Best John Wayne Western Movie Themes

10 Best John Wayne Western Movie ThemesHaving covered John Wayne Western Theme tunes, I thought I’d give consideration to the best orchestral themes as well.Just like the previous article, I’m hoping this one will initiate a debate between the readers of MostlyWesterns regarding their own favourite JW theme. For the purpose of this article JW […]

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John Wayne Western Movie Theme Songs

How The West Was On image

John Wayne Western Movie Theme SongsThis is a list in ascending order of some of my favorite John Wayne western movie theme songs and tunes which I hope is going to stir a debate or two amongst JW fans out there.There’s one feature that I nearly always mention in passing when writing a review of […]

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The Best John Wayne Western Movie Intros

John Wayne in The Searchers

At the risk of sounding as if I’m stating the obvious, we all watch a John Wayne movie to see him in action, whether that be a John Wayne western, one of his war films or any other genre. You wait in anticipation for Duke to make an entrance because you know that once he’s […]

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9 Worst Baddies From John Wayne Westerns

Mexican Army in the Alamo

Dealing specifically with John Wayne Westerns only, here’s my list of the most darndest, lowdown, back-shooting hornswaggling varmints that ever graced the screen in a Duke cowboy movie. All of the following apart from one don’t make it to the end of their respective films alive. Just in case you’re not sure I’ll provide the […]

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John Wayne’s Leading Ladies – My Top 9

Vera Miles

This is a mildly diverting read concerning 9 of the leading ladies we love and remember from co-starring opposite John Wayne. The choice is not necessarily restricted to the actresses who appeared with Wayne in his Westerns but inevitably there’s going to be some bias towards that genre. John Wayne’s Leading Ladies 9. Vera Miles8. Joanne […]

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The John Wayne Best Westerns Round Ups – Part V

Ann Margret in The Train Robbers

This is the last of my John Wayne westerns round ups. These round ups all started because of the response from the first article which was The 10 Best John Wayne Westerns of My Childhood a nostalgic look at the Duke’s western films I remember seeing when growing up at the actual time I saw them.  Good news though […]

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The John Wayne Best Westerns Round Up – Part IV

John Wayne in Chisum

When it comes to songs being sung over the credits of any John Wayne Western then the number one spot goes to the Sons of the Pioneers singing the theme to The Searchers. After that maybe El Dorado and True Grit (great music, not so hot lyrics) tying for second place. Johnny Horton singing North […]

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