Remembering Harry “Dobe” Carey Jr.

Harrey Carey Jr. with John Wayne

I first made contact with Harry Carey Jr., or ‘Dobe’; as he came to be known, back in 1998. I’d met up with the film director Andrew McLaglen at Pinewood studios to discuss a script I’d written about the making … Read more

Sergio Leone & His Western Movies

Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates

Sergio Leone only directed eight films in his short but impressive career. His first two movies were examples of the popular sword and sandal Italian movies of the late 1950s / early 1960s, Leone credited as an assistant director on … Read more

John Wayne Foreign Western Movie Titles

John Wayne foreign movie poster

Did John Wayne Really Win the Best Actor Academy Award for “100 Dollars Pour Un Sherif”? In our companion piece to the previous article on John Wayne’s foreign film titles we visit an alternative universe in which JW appeared in … Read more

John Wayne Foreign Movie Titles

John Wayne foreign movie poster The Long Voyage Home

So you think you know everything there is to know about John Wayne movies? You’ve seen them all, from Stagecoach through to The Shootist, and even the numerous five-reelers he churned out ad infinitum back in the 1930s? Well, be … Read more

John Wayne’s Romantic Movie Scenes

John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara from The Quiet Man

I’m not just saying this to be controversial or to start an argument or anything, but I’m still not convinced you could call John Wayne a real romantic leading man. One of the reasons I liked John Wayne movies as … Read more

John Wayne – Why They All Love Him

Linda Cristal

We are well aware of some of the many famous movie quotes of John Wayne, but we thought it was about time to compile a list of quotes from some of the actors, directors and notably JW’s leading ladies who … Read more

The Best Of Clint Eastwood’s Western Movies

The Outlaw Josey Wales with Clint Eastwood poster

The Very Best of Clint Eastwood’s Western Movies This is the 2nd part of the best Clint Eastwood western movies. Catch up with part one.   Joe Kidd (1972) After the disappointment of Hang ‘Em High and Two Mules for … Read more

The Western Movies of Clint Eastwood

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly art work

The Western Movies Of Clint Eastwood The cowboy star is a dying breed and Clint Eastwood is probably the last great Hollywood Western movie actor. His career mirrors that of John Wayne in that, although his films have encompassed a … Read more

Best Western Movies of the 1960s Part 2

Hour of the Gun image

Part 2 of The Best Western Movies of The 1960’s From my Childhood Catch up with the first part of my Best Western Movies of the 1960s including the introduction and the first five – not in any particular order … Read more

Best Western Movies of the 1960s

Magnificent 7 poster with the heroes on horseback

The 1960s ushered in the beginning of the death knell for the Hollywood Western Movie. You had to blame TV really. In the UK we only had two channels in 1960 but both were awash with the likes of Wagon … Read more

Top 20 John Wayne Movie Quotes

The Alamo scene with Richard Widmark and John Wayne

I’m sure we’ve all got our own favourite lines from John Wayne movies, and hopefully, I’ve included a few of them in this list of 20 John Wayne movie quotes. For an appreciation of John Wayne quotes this time, not … Read more

My Ultimate Top 10 Best John Wayne Movies List

The Alamo scene with Richard Widmark and John Wayne

What’s your favourite 10 John Wayne Movies?  Not just westerns or war movies but your best Duke films ever.It all started with my 10 Best John Wayne Westerns From My Childhood now a distant memory. I’ve now reviewed over 100 … Read more