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Top 20 John Wayne Movie Quotes

Top 20 John Wayne Movie Quotes I’m sure we’ve all got our own favourite lines from John Wayne films, and hopefully I’ve included a few of them in this list of John Wayne’s top 20 movie quotes.Having watched so many of Duke’s films over the last couple of years I made a note of some […]

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John Wayne Movies – Republic 1939 – The Final Roundup

New Frontier movie with John Wayne poster

As I’m reviewing all of the films John Wayne starred in from Stagecoach all the way through to The Shootist, for the sake of completeness it’s only right that I include the four oaters he made for Republic after the release of Stagecoach in 1939. I’ve also included A Man Betrayed, a JW film that […]

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My Ultimate Top 10 Best John Wayne Movies List

That'll Be The Day T-Shirt

What’s your favourite 10 John Wayne Movies? Not just westerns or war movies but your best Duke films ever. It all started with my 10 Best John Wayne Westerns From My Childhood now a distant memory. Well after reviewing approximately 85 John Wayne movies for this website I thought I would have a go at […]

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James Stewart & Anthony Mann – The Westerns PII

In the 1950s James Stewart appeared in a series of films directed by Anthony Mann and five of them were westerns. This is part 2 of a look at this collaboration. You can find Part 1 here.The Naked Spur (1953)When you hear the theme music to films such as Shane, The Big Country and The Magnificent 7, […]

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James Stewart & Anthony Mann – The Westerns P1

James stewart in bend of the river

During the 1950s James Stewart appeared in a series of films directed by Anthony Mann, eight in all, and five of them Westerns.The non-Western titles included Strategic Air Command, which was a semi-documentary depiction of the American Air Force, a melodrama about oil drillers called Thunder Bay and the most successful of the films the […]

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John Wayne Movie Punch Ups – And The Winner Is…

john wayne in cowboys

Considering the number of movie fistfights John Wayne has indulged in over the years I thought I’d revisit some of them to see how our boy fared mano a mano, as they say down Mexico way. This list is fairly arbitrary – not all of the films mentioned here are Westerns – so apologies if I […]

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‘Is That You John Wayne?’ Remakes and Impressions

John Wayne in The Alamo poster

I was checking out a Western made a year or so back called Bone Tomahawk – a mashup of The Searchers meets The Walking Dead and a film I would suggest you do not watch if you have either recently eaten or intend to eat – and the sight of Kurt Russell channeling his inner […]

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9 More Of John Wayne’s Leading Ladies

Capucine in a tub in North To Alaska

There seems to be a number of John Wayne fans coming up with further suggestions for the article I wrote recently about John Wayne’s leading ladies. So due to popular demand I’ve decided to revisit the subject once more to include the actresses that didn’t make it onto that first list. John Wayne’s Leading Ladies (9 more) […]

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John Wayne’s Leading Ladies – My Top 9

Vera Miles

This is a mildly diverting read concerning 9 of the leading ladies we love and remember from co-starring opposite John Wayne. The choice is not necessarily restricted to the actresses who appeared with Wayne in his Westerns but inevitably there’s going to be some bias towards that genre. John Wayne’s Leading Ladies 9. Vera Miles8. Joanne […]

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