John Wayne in Paradise Canyon 1935

John Wayne in Paradise Canyon poster

John Wayne revisits old territory as an undercover agent called John Wyatt required to infiltrate a counterfeiting gang who work under the guise of a travelling medicine show. Paradise Canyon (1935) Lone Star, Dir: Carl L. Pierson, b/w, 52mCast: John Wayne, Marion Burns, Reed Howes, Earl Hodgins, Gino Corrado, Yakima Canutt The only difference between … Read more

John Wayne 1930s Western Review – The Dawn Rider

John Wayne in The Dawn Rider

Barely five minutes into the film and stranger-in-town John Mason, played by John Wayne, is already engaged in a bout of fisticuffs with one of the locals, Ben McClure, played by Reed Howes. The Dawn Rider (1935) Lone Star, Dir: Robert N. Bradbury, b/w, 53mCast: John Wayne, Marion Burns, Denny Meadows, Reed Howes, Joe DeGrasse, … Read more

Another John Wayne 1930s Western Movie Review – The Desert Trail

John Wayne in The Desert Trail

The Desert Trail (1935) Lone Star, Dir: Cullen Lewis, b/w, 54mCast: John Wayne, Mary Kornman, Paul Fix, Eddy Chandler, Carmen LaRoux, Lafe McKee The opening sequence in this film is actually quite entertaining. Wayne, as rodeo rider John Scott, is travelling with his gambling friend, Kansas Charlie, played by Eddy Chandler, to Rattlesnake Gulch and … Read more

John Wayne – His Rifle, Pony and Hat

John Wayne in The Alamo

The idea originally was to see if we could match all of JWs “three good companions” – his weaponry, the horse he rode in on and the hat he wore – for the majority of his big-name Westerns. There is so much information out there to work with but trying to collate and match that … Read more

John Wayne 1930s Western Movie – Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley (1935) Lone Star, Dir: Robert N. Bradbury, b/w, 52mCast: John Wayne, Lucille Brown, George Hayes, Leroy Mason, Lloyd Ingraham, Buffalo Bill Jr. On the way to Rainbow Valley JW, as John Martin, encounters the proper “Gabby”, the one we all know and love and in full ‘old-timer’ mode, who asks him for some … Read more

John Wayne in Texas Terror – 1930s Western Movie Review

John Wayne in 1935 western Texas Terror lobby card

Texas Terror (1935) Lone Star, Dir: Robert N. Bradbury, b/w, 51mCast: John Wayne, Lucille Brown, Leroy Mason, Fern Emmett, George Hayes, Buffalo Bill Jr. When the film starts, John Wayne as John Higgins is – unusually – the local sheriff so we just know he’s going to be due for a fall early on in … Read more

John Wayne Non-Western Movies & What They Made At The Box Office

The High and The Mighty with John Wayne

As with our previous article on John Wayne’s top 20 box-office Western movies we’ve decided to consider only the domestic take. This time around though, we didn’t restrict the titles to those films that earned $4 million or above. We just went for the first twenty in an original list of thirty films. We also … Read more

John Wayne 1930s Western ‘Neath The Arizona Skies

John Wayne in Neath the Arizona Skies

‘Neath the Arizona Skies (1934) Lone Star, Dir: Harry Fraser, b/w, 53mCast: John Wayne, Sheila Terry, Shirley Jane Rickert, Jack Rockwell, Buffalo Bill Jr., Yakima Canutt “‘Neath the Arizona Skies” is the last of the nine Westerns John Wayne starred in for the year of 1934. It’s not quite up there with the twelve films … Read more