More Movies John Wayne Never Got To Make

Movie poster for Midway

This is the second part of John Wayne’s “unrealised” films. The first installment considers the movies JW passed on for one reason or another. Check out The Movies John Wayne Turned Down. Recently perusing an old movie magazine that was published way back in 1969 I came across an article on the films of John … Read more

John Wayne Movie Roles He Turned Down

John Wayne appeared in over 160 films in a career that spanned the years 1928 to 1976 but according to the indispensable “John Wayne Filmography,” the author Fred Landesmann lists an amazing 115 ‘ unrealized projects’ in which JW was to have starred in at some point. This article includes affiliate links. If you choose to … Read more

John Wayne Ties One On – Our Top 10 JW Happy Hour Movies

John Wayne in The Shootist drinking at a bar

There a number of elements that comprise a John Wayne film. In no particular order, it’s plenty of action, a fight of some kind whether it be fists or guns (preferably both if possible), JW getting the better of the bad guys and even more popular, getting the girl too. There is another aspect, however, … Read more

John Wayne – Why They All Love Him

Linda Cristal

We are well aware of some of the many famous movie quotes of John Wayne, but we thought it was about time to compile a list of quotes from some of the actors, directors and notably JW’s leading ladies who either worked with and/or admired the great man. I’ve just spent the last month or … Read more

Original John Wayne Memorabilia And Collectibles

John Wayne sculture

John Wayne Memorabilia and Collectibles Owning a piece of John Wayne memorabilia, it doesn’t get much better if the item was actually used in the making of a John Wayne movie or better still that he was actually known to have handled or worn it. There is always personal things that JW may have owned and … Read more