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John Wayne Movies – Republic 1939 – The Final Roundup

New Frontier movie with John Wayne poster

As I’m reviewing all of the films John Wayne starred in from Stagecoach all the way through to The Shootist, for the sake of completeness it’s only right that I include the four oaters he made for Republic after the release of Stagecoach in 1939. I’ve also included A Man Betrayed, a JW film that […]

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My Ultimate Top 10 Best John Wayne Movies List

That'll Be The Day T-Shirt

What’s your favourite 10 John Wayne Movies? Not just westerns or war movies but your best Duke films ever. It all started with my 10 Best John Wayne Westerns From My Childhood now a distant memory. Well after reviewing approximately 85 John Wayne movies for this website I thought I would have a go at […]

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John Wayne Movies I Missed Part 8

Circus World with John Wayne poster

The Magnificent Showman (aka Circus World) (1964) Another John Wayne movie I saw as a kid when it first came out and I remember the spectacle of the circus boat keeling over in the harbour, and the climax at the end of The Magnificent Showman (aka Circus World) when the giant tent burns down. The […]

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John Wayne Movies I Missed Part 7

Sophia Loren on the set of Legend of the Lost with John Wayne

Get comfy and grab a coffee for this the next of 5 more John Wayne Movie reviews from the late 1950’s. They’re not all good. Feel free to comment below or head over to our Facebook page.Jet Pilot (1957?)Howard Hughes has a lot to answer for when it comes to producing JW movies. First he […]

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The Quiet Man – Behind the Scenes

JOhn Wayne & Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man

I thought I’d share some background information and a behind the scenes look at the making of The Quiet Man, bearing in mind the number of people I have met and spoken to over the years who were actually involved in the film itself.A few minutes into the film we see Barry Fitzgerald and John Wayne […]

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John Wayne Movies I Missed Part 6

John Wayne in Island in the Sky lobby card

We are moving on to John Wayne movies of the 1950s.Big Jim McLain (1952)Due to a knowledge breakdown on my part – I got the release of the year wrong – this review should have featured in the previous article, as it was actually released before Trouble Along the Way. My bad.I find it somewhat […]

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John Wayne Movies I Missed Part 5

John Wayne Lorraine Day in Tycoon poster

Review 5 of another handful of John Wayne movies I missed when they were released. See how this all came about by reading the article  The 10 Best John Wayne Movies of My Childhood.Tycoon (1947)In a rare 1940s excursion into Technicolor Duke plays Johnny Munroe, a mining engineer in charge of building a tunnel under […]

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John Wayne Movies I Missed Part 4

Dakota 1945 movie with John Wayne

Oh no – at it again. I’m taking a look at those John Wayne movies that came out before I was a fan – that is before I was born. Again like Part 3 they’re John Wayne movies from the 40s. I started this sojourn way back reminiscing about the John Wayne westerns I remember […]

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John Wayne Movies I Missed Part 3

This is part 3 in what is becoming a bit of a mini series of John Wayne movies that I missed when they were originally released largely as I wasn’t a JW fan until I was born.So it was only later or even recently that I have caught up with some gems and some not so […]

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James Stewart & Anthony Mann – The Westerns PII

In the 1950s James Stewart appeared in a series of films directed by Anthony Mann and five of them were westerns. This is part 2 of a look at this collaboration. You can find Part 1 here.The Naked Spur (1953)When you hear the theme music to films such as Shane, The Big Country and The Magnificent 7, […]

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